Are angels real?

Level: B2-C1 (CAE)

Fill in the gaps with a form of the words given (see below).

Are angels real?

Now, I’m the most sceptical person on the planet: I think _____(0) is just _____(1). People who have therapy should stop being so ____(2) and help others. In the course of my job as a journalist, I have had more ridiculously expensive alternative ______(3) than you could shake a stick at – hot oil dribbled on my forehead in Jamaica, a man walking on my back in Puglia, a week spent munching ayurvedic food in India, kinesiology and even acupressure. But none of these have even scratched the surface of my ______(4), alleviated the pain in my back and shoulders or even given me the energy to face the day. But then my 17-year-old cat, Snoopy, became ill a few months ago. He was diagnosed with kidney and liver failure, and prescribed numerous drugs by the vet. He wasn’t improving, and so I enlisted a second opinion from a holistic vet, who prescribed ______(5) medicine, as well. But Snoopy became so ill (when drinking water, he would let his head fall into his bowl), my vet told me nothing more could be done. I was in despair. Soon after, I was having a chat with a friend near my home in Somerset. She started telling me that, driving across the moor late at night, she often felt a _____(6) in the back of her car. It was a man, and he was whistling. ‘Not a constant whistle that could have been a ______(7) open window; an actual tune.’ But who is it? I asked her. ‘Oh, it’s my guardian angel,’ she replied. She went on to tell me about a _______(8) healer, a man called Terry Shubrook, who has helped her and her many animals using angel therapy. Despite my ______(9), I give him a call. I ask him how he got into this sort of therapy in the first place. ‘I was having treatment for an alcohol problem, and found out the rehab was in the grounds of a convent,’ he says. ‘I felt an angelic presence and, sure enough, a change came over me. It was like a switch in my head. Since then, I have been guided by what many people call intuition: that is an angel telling you something. When a thought comes into your head from nowhere, that is what you need to listen to.’ Terry says he helps people and animals. He laughs, telling me he has been at the _____(10) of many children. ‘I had been working with a woman who was trying to conceive. During a session, an energy came down to her and I knew it was the soul of a child. Two weeks later, she rang to tell me she was pregnant.’ My inner sceptic is finding all this a bit hard to swallow. But, when you’ve got a cat that is poorly, you will clutch at straws. I ask Terry if he can help Snoopy and he says he can. He explains that he often works remotely, using the body of his wife to ______(11) the body of his patient, be it cat or person: he can be many miles away, but somehow treat the patient through using his wife’s body. He tells me Snoopy is not ready to leave me yet, and does some healing work on him, using Snoopy’s angels to tell him what is wrong (cats have guardians, too, _______(12)). There’s no ______(13) explanation as to how Terry heals Snoopy. I only spoke to him over the phone and I didn’t even tell him what was wrong with the cat. He tells me he can feel its energy. The following week, I take Snoopy to the vet to have his blood and urine tested. They are both ‘normal’. Despite all my doubt, I am impressed, but I need more evidence. And so I contact the queen of angel therapy, a woman called, rather aptly, Doreen Virtue. She is based in the U.S., a fourth generation ______(14) leader, the author of numerous books on the subject and has treated many ‘ultra-famous movie stars’. ‘Angels have soft, feathery wings. They always talk about, and act from, love. Everyone has guardian angels who guide and protect us,’ she says. Gap ‘zero’: meditate → meditation 1) lazy 2) indulge 3) treat 4) happy 5) herb 6) present 7) part 8) psyche 9) give 10) conceive 11) present 12) appear 13) logic 14) spirit

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