Grammar: will/going to

Level: B1

Complete the sentences using will or be going to. Add a suitable verb too.


‘Do you have any plans for next Saturday?’ -‘Yes, I __________a friend of mine. I haven’t seen his new house yet.

Answer: am going to see / am going to visit / ‘m going to visit

  1. ‘Your cellphone is ringing. I ______it for you.’
  2. ‘Why are you carrying an axe?’ -‘I bought it for my dad. He _____down a tree in our backyard.’
  3. ‘Where are they going?’ -‘They ______their son to school.’
  4. ‘Dad, there’s a problem with my bike again.’ -‘Come here, I _____it for you.’
  5. ‘I think it ______tonight. Look at those clouds!’

For the answers, click here.

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